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    Providing Skeeball Machines in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area for events, parties, weddings, corporate functions and more. Scroll down for more information…

  • Skeeball Tournaments

    Team and individual challenges for [competitive] birthday parties, corporate team building and more. We provide the Skeeball and Statistics. You provide Skeeball champions.

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    If you have an outdoor event and want entertainment for your patrons, rent our mobile Skeeball Trailer.



Rentals for Events and Parties

Rent up to three Skeeball machines for your special event such as a wedding, birthday, happy hour or graduation.

Venue and Bar Leasing

Have space in your bar or venue and you want to inject some fun? Add a Skeeball machine to your space.

Corporate Team Building

We host tournaments and team building off-sites for teams up to 75 people. Let our team structure the fun so your team can have a blast.

Past Events

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More Details

  • Classic Skeeball

    Our machines feature wooden balls, mesh nets, 8-bit sound effects, classic appearance and feel.

  • Customized Experience

    We’ll work with you to make sure your Skeeball experience is tailored to your needs. Custom tournaments, graphics on the machines and more.

  • Extras

    We have Skeeball training posters and custom Skeeball trophies available to make your event extra special.

  • Unlimited Gameplay

    Every Skeeball rental includes unlimited games of Skeeball. Each game of Skeeball includes 9 balls.

  • Insured and Protected

    We offer insurance on every Skeeball rental so that you have peace of mind and are protected from liability.

  • Delivered & Setup

    Professional delivery is a part of every Skeeball rental. Our staff will deliver the machine to your location and setup each machine on-site.

Machine Specs



Note: machines break down into two-parts so they can go pretty much anywhere. They fit through standard doorways and in elevators.  

Power Source: 3-pronged grounded outlet.

Note: Power consumption is about 350 watts. A generator is available, if needed.

Gameplay: 9 balls per game. Button used to initiate game.

Note: The ticket dispensers have been disabled on machines. If you need tickets to be dispensed, please contact us.


Joey the Cat Skeeball Tours Header Image

Skeeball Tours

If you love Skeeball and want to experience a variety of the best venues and bars around San Francisco, this is for you! Join the current National Skeeball Champion, Joey the Cat, to learn what it takes to become a champ and apply those skills on a handful of Skeeball machines in the city.

This experience will begin at the home of Joey the Cat where you’ll practice Skeeball on his personal machine and get pointers/tips. Then, you will venture to other Skeeball venues to roll like a champion!

Skeeball Locations:

Joey the Cat’s Scratch Post
Joey the Cat’s Secret Arcade Showroom
Urban Putt Mini-Golf Bar and Restaurant
D-Structure [ Retail Store & Art Gallery ]
The Buckshot Bar [ Dive Bar ]
SoMa StrEat Food Park [ Food Trucks ]

Skeeball will be free. | You’ll play between 30-50 games. | Each participant will receive a Skeeball 101 Poster or a Slap Bracelet.

Book your tour by emailing: meow@joeythecat.com

Please include the group size and desired date(s).

Photos from previous tours:

Group Tour at SoMa StrEat Food ParkOffice Skeeball Tour at VaynerMediaSkiball Tour at Clash Clubhouse in San Francisco


Mullet and Bear


The Story:

As a teen prodigy in the Chuckee Cheese’s skeeball circuit, Joey the Cat turned pro in the fall of 2009 and quickly made a name for himself in the Brewskee-Ball nationwide tour. As soon as he was old enough to roll a ball, Joey dedicated himself rolling the highest skeeball scores amongst anyone who would play him.  At age 11, he was the youngest player to roll three full circles (all 9 balls in the 40 pocket) back-to-back-to-back.  He would go on to break countless records before winning his first major at the age of 23, the San Francisco Skeeson III BROTY (best roller of the year).

A year later at the age of 24, he continued to push the statistical limits and was the first SF roller to capture a Triple Crown (BROTY, Brewskee Mug and Hundo Challenge winner). The records kept coming and Joey the Cat couldn’t be stopped.  In May 2011, Joey the Cat reached the peak of his skeeball career.  In a field of the world’s 64 best rollers, Joey the Cat dominated the competition and became the #1 skeeball player.  It was this performance in the Brewskee-Ball National Championship that journalists and sports historians will coin, the “peak” of Joey the Cat’s skeeball career.

Fast forward to 2014, Joey the Cat has now won THREE National Skeeball Championships. He won his three titles in 2011, 2012 and 2014.  In addition to winning both local and national Skeeball tournaments, he’s running a full-time Skeeball rental and events business.  If you’re interested in meeting Joey the Cat or renting a Skeeball machine, please inquire within.

Joey the Cat Details:

  • Country: United States
  • League: Brewskee-Ball
  • Division: San Francisco
  • Date of Birth: 08/06/1986
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (1.72 meters)
  • Rolls: Right-handed
  • Rolling Style: 40s – 50s.

Brewskee-Ball Awards

 Inaugural Brewskee-Ball Hall of Fame Inductee

Brewskee-Ball National Champion 2011, 2012, 2014

Twelve-time SF Brewskee-Ball BROTY (best roller of the year)

Eight-time SF Brewskee Mug Champion


Press Section Header Image

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The Bold Italic: Mr. Mission 2012

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Capital New York: Skee-Ball gets its night under the lights at the Brewskee-Ball tournament in Brooklyn

Quick Bio

Joey the Cat is a competitive skeeball player in the San Francisco league of Brewskee-Ball. In his third year of competitive play, he conquered the competition of the nation’s top 64 rollers to become the Brewskee-Ball National Champion. He’s also an avid skeeball machine collector and leases them out to bars, venues and offices.




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