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Skeeball (Skee Ball) is a classic game of skill and technique. An addictive game that gets players to play game after game to beat their own score. Skeeball (Skee Ball) machines are sure to wow every crowd and are a huge draw for players of all ages.

We specialize in the classic version of Skeeball (Skee Ball or Skiball) you’re used to from the boardwalk, with wooden balls, mesh nets, and original sound effects. Our machines are expertly maintained and gently refurbished to keep them in tip-top shape, while maintaining the original aesthetic of the game.

$700/machine/day plus local sales tax and delivery (depends on distance).

Photo by Duy Ho | http://duyhophotography.com
120”L x 80”H x 30”W
power required
110V @ 3AMPS
number of players
1 per machine
no money needed
All machines on Free Play

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