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Take your event to the next level with our full-production Skeeball tournaments and Arcade Olympics. Competitors play against each other to determine who the ultimate arcade champions are, while getting everyone fired up and competitive. With a live announcer, branded trophy, full bracket, prizes and more, these competitions are sure to wow every attendee.

We work with numerous vendors to ensure you get the exact food you want for your event. Options range from tasty taco bars and amazing sliders to having a full food truck on-site. Let us handle the food so that your event planning process is smooth and seamless. We guarantee a delicious and Instagram worthy spread.

Add on our unique photo booth to make sure that every attendee has a memorable and goofy keepsake to take home with them. Equipped with a selection of graphics, fun props, a large screen, and a top of the line camera, our booth blows the competition out of the water. The booth provides two physical printouts per photoshoot, and downloadable digital copies after the event.

Add one of our preferred DJ’s or photographers to your event to really make it memorable. We work with a diverse group of DJ’s and can bring in the one who will create the perfect vibe. Our accomplished event photographers will capture the event for life and provide quality photos to showcase your event.

Let our staff help take some of the stuff off your plate

We've worked with enough event coordinators and office managers to know that it can be a lot of work to pull off an event. There are a ton of little details to consider and as they pile up, you end up running yourself ragged to the point where you can't even share in the same fun as your co-workers. Our friendly staff has a lot of things already figured out for you and can help guide you through the whole process from start to finish. You get an experienced team to work with, so you can put on a super fun event and impress your co-workers and your boss!

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