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The Company

Joey the Cat is an events and rental company that was founded by three-time National Skeeball Champion in 2010, and is now run by a team of event professionals. We produce epic events in our Mission District venue, rent out arcade games for special events, and have a fleet of games and photobooths around California. As a company, we live and breathe events, ranging from corporate parties, off-sites, and competitive Skeeball tournaments in our venue, to collaborating with our clients to help them make their event interactive and FUN!

Event Production Team

Meet the friendly faces of our experienced event production team.

Alex Manager of fun and events
Alex Manager of fun and events

Alex is our jack of all trades, in charge of business operations and growth. He hails from a small farm-town, and hosts a mean night of trivia.

Sam Chief Fun Officer
Sam Chief Fun Officer

Sam Sabo is our man on the streets and the voice on the other end of the phone, spreading the gospel of our Skeeball tournaments. As a huge cat fanatic, Sam is frequently spotted in his Cat themed onesie at work.

Carl Mamalian Resources
Carl Mamalian Resources

Carl is our mascot. Born in Northern Alaska, he came to reside in the Buckshot Bar many years ago, where he acted as a good luck charm for competitors in the Skeeball league. When the Buckshot closed, he joined the team.

Preston Skeeball Wizard
Preston Skeeball Wizard

Preston is our Los Angeles repair man. Detailed bio coming soon.

Josh The Muscle
Josh The Muscle

Josh Morriss is the muscle behind the operation. Don’t let his luscious golden locks fool you, this man is ready to get down and dirty maintaining arcade machines and ensuring that your event is set up perfectly.

The man, the myth, the legend.

As a teen prodigy in the Chuck E. Cheese’s skeeball circuit, Joey the Cat turned pro in the fall of 2009 and quickly made a name for himself in the Brewskee-Ball nationwide tour. He went on to break countless records before winning his first major tournament at the age of 23, the San Francisco Skeeson III BROTY (Best Roller of the Year). The records kept coming and Joey the Cat couldn’t be stopped. In May 2011, Joey the Cat reached the peak of his skeeball career. In a field of the world’s 64 best rollers, Joey the Cat dominated the competition to become the number one skeeball player.

Fast forward to 2016, Joey the Cat has now won THREE National Skeeball Championships. He won his three titles in 2011, 2012, and 2014. Joey the Cat has transitioned from a persona into a full-blown thriving Skeeball company. While Joey himself is not engaged in the day-to-day of the company, you may catch him at one of our events if you’re lucky.

  • 2008 Joey moves to San Francisco, creates Joey the Cat alter-skeego
  • 2009 Buys first Skeeball machine, puts it in tiny Bernal Heights apartment
  • 2010 Competes in first National Skeeball champion as top seed from SF, loses to Skee Diddy in 3rd round
  • 2010 Rents first Skeeball machine out for Airbnb’s holiday party. This is the birth of Joey the Cat Skeeball Rental
  • 2011 Returns to the National Brewskee-Ball competition and wins it all, becoming #1 Skeeball player
  • 2011-2013 Continues to grow the company as a side business, acquiring more machines and placing them all over California
  • 2014 Joey the Cat hires first full-time employee, Alex Lane, as Bay Area General Manager in October
  • 2015 Joey the Cat has 50 arcade games spread around California. Joey transitions out to work on a new company, with Alex taking over operations Skeeball Rental
  • 2016 and beyond Company grows to 4 employees, launches partnership with Brewskee-Ball to launch LA league, and many other exciting projects and events

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