Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Legendary Event

[Editors Note: Enjoy this Satire and Tips to avoid Fyre Festival failure]

Our intern finally swam back from the dumpster f(y)re of event planning that was Fyre Festival and they’re ready to share their insights. Let’s keep this fest as the peak of 2017 ineptitude and discuss what we know: helping event planners avoid disaster.

Here we go:

Do: Hire for your weaknesses.

You’re great at some things. Heck, you’re probably great at lots of things and so is your team. But everyone has a weakness. Management at Joey the Cat are constantly beaming with fun ideas, but they’d be off in the clouds getting nothing done without the meticulous execution of our ops team. First, make sure that you have staff who can do every necessary job well rather than stretching yourself thin doing a mediocre job just to save a little money. A unicorn can’t build a dam and a last-minute grocery store run can’t replace catering by a private chef. You want to ensure your event’s success and that costs money.

Do: Have a dedicated organizer/event planner.

Do you enjoy wrangling cats? If so, skip this note and sign our petition to bring cat wrangling to the Olympics. But if the idea of both planning all the nitty-gritty details of an event AND coordinating with vendors AND communicating with your team AND the other tasks behind a successful event get your hands sweating, make sure you have a dedicated event planner. We handle the details for our clients and it makes the details WAY easier for them. They know we will plan and organize every aspect of their event and they can focus on pumping up their team for a great event. Our events cap out at about 110 people and it can be a doozy. Now imagine NOT hiring an event manager and trying to get 20,000 people onto an island. And you’re Ja Rule. Yeah, good luck.

event planner running a company event

“An experienced event planner running a company offsite”

Do: Actually attend your event.

Not only to see the fruits of your labor, but to be the face of it. You should represent your event, mingle with guests, and have a little fun too. This is twofold. Being present communicates to your team that you buy into the event and you believe in it. It also allows you to nip any problems in the bud. Ja Rule and the main Instagram influencers of Fyre didn’t show up. Of course, neither did most of the bands, cooks, or security.

Do: Make the event yours.

Have cute animals wandering your venue…Okay, maybe not at every event–though we at Joey the Cat adamantly believe animals improve everything–but the Fyre Festival attendees got to share their space with cute wild pigs. Maybe start with puppies or kittens or just some other unique element that you know appeals to your team. Make the event yours. This could be cotton candy, a Dance Dance Revolution competition, or a keg of everyone’s favorite beer. You know your team well and it makes them feel appreciated when you show that. Kind of the opposite of trying to feed someone a slice of bread and soggy cheese.

guests playing bubble hockey at an event

“Adding a crowd favorite to your event like Bubble Hockey enhance the experience for your guests”

Don’t: Over promise.

Avoid the classic: over promise, under deliver. It isn’t impossible to have a luxury island music festival, but it is dang hard to plan an event of that scale in two months. Especially when you blow most of your budget on one Insta post from a mini-Kardashian. Keep your expectations and goals clear and achievable. You can (and should) use SMART goals. Disclaimer: SMART goals may not keep wild dogs from appearing on your “private” island.

Don’t: Panic.

You are your event’s biggest critic. No one will know that the table decorations aren’t exactly perfect unless you bring it up. Maintain a cool head during your event and facilitate enjoyment. Definitely review the event after and take note of which vendors were excellent and which left something to be desired. Remember what worked well in the planning process and what you’ll do differently next time. If you end up stranding thousands of defenseless music enthusiasts on an island with no water or toilets then maybe you can panic.

the office, Michael Scott running from his responsibilities in a panic

“As much as we love The Office, don’t be Michael Scott”

Yo Ja Rule, we know this won’t slow you down and you’ll be planning another event soon. Hit us up at

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