[Updated] Finding Classic Skeeball in San Francisco

Joey the Cat Skeeball Map of 2016
When I moved to San Francisco over four years ago, I had no idea where to play Skeeball in this fair city of San Francisco. So I went to my trusted resource of reviews and listings…Yelp. This is what I found, another man sharing my same concern:

“Where can a guy get a classic game of Skeeball in this town?!”  – Yelp User 10372

Fast forward 4 years. Now there are multiple options of playing Classic Skeeball in San Francisco. Let me take you on a journey of playing this nostalgic game in the city by the bay. Before we start, let me define what Classic Skeeball is.

Classic Skeeball has the following characteristics:

Mesh Nets
Wooden Balls
Vintage Marquee
8-Bit Sound Effects
Scoring Pockets That Don’t Exceed 100 Points

Classic Skeeball is NOT:

Plastic Balls
Excess of LED lighting
Metal Side/Top Netting

Let’s embark on this journey of finding all of the Classic Skeeball machines in San Francisco:

  1. SoMa StrEat Food Park

    Address: 428 11th Street San Francisco, CA 94103
    Neighborhood: SoMa
    # of Machines: Two
    Price / Game: $1.00
    Prizes: No
    Description: This is one of the more unique Skeeball experiences in the city. There are two Skeeball machines on a canvas-covered trailer that ready for gameplay adjacent to all of the food trucks. It’s the first of its kind, a mobile Skeeball gaming experience.

  2. Urban Putt

    Address: 1096 South Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110
    Neighborhood: Mission District
    # of Machines: One
    Price / Game: $1.00
    Prizes: No but mini-golf.
    Description: This is not your grandmother’s mini-golf. 14 holes of amazingly creative and meticulously fabricated mini-golf awaits you at Urban Putt. When you’re finished battling on the course, sneak away to the game room and find a classic Skeeball machine nestled away to continue the competition.

  3. Silver Clouds

    Address: 1994 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123
    Neighborhood: Marina District
    # of Machines: Two
    Price / Game: $1.00
    Prizes: No, they do have Karaoke though!
    Description: As one of the few bars in the city sporting Karaoke EVERY NIGHT, you’re sure to have fun here as you belt out Elton John, Mariah Carey, and the other classics on the microphone. After you lose your voice, venture to the back section of Silver Clouds to play some Skeeball!


    Address: Pier 45 Shed A San Francisco, CA 94133
    Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf
    # of Machines: One
    Price / Game: $0.25
    Prizes: No.
    Description: From the collection of WWII veteran, Edward Galland Zelinsky, Musee Mechanique is host to wide variety of coin-operated amusements. You can find a classic Skeeball machine here and it’s the least expensive in the city. If you find yourself in Fisherman’s Wharf, definitely stop by and play this machine!

  5. SLATE BAR (coming 2017)
    Address: 2925 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
    Neighborhood: Mission District
    # of Machines: Two
    Price / Game: $1.00
    Prizes: No but they’re the future home of Brewskee-Ball SF.
    Description: If you love delicious cocktails, convenient access via public transport, and Thursday night’s with DJ Purple and his melodic Saxophone, you’ve come to the right place. The future home of Brewskee-ball is sure to provide a great time as you battle for the Brewskee Mug.

If you are interested in having Classic Skeeball at your next event, please get in touch with us!

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