Joey the Cat’s Skeeball Rolldown Throwdown Recap

On February 28th, Skeeball rollers from all over San Francisco (and beyond) came to NWBLK for the NoisePop Festival Happy House Skeeball Rolldown Throwdown. The tournament was a collaboration between FunCheap, DSF Clothing and Art Gallery, NoisePop and myself. The format was simple, everyone got to qualify for the tournament by rolling their best score and then the top 16 rollers were chosen to compete.


This tournament was the great San Francisco Rolldown Throwdown because each roller was representing their neighborhood. We had Dan from Hayes Valley, the Captain from the Mission, Caitlin from the Marina, Chris from the Tenderloin and Rick from the Western Addition to name a few.


After the top 16 rollers competed head-to-head in a single elimination format, we worked our way down to the top 8, top 4 and then the final 2. The championship match was between Taeho from the Sunset (an avid swimmer when he’s not playing Skeeball) and Rick from the Western Addition (who is in the Tuesday night division of Brewskee-Ball). After a best of 5 series, Rick completed the sweep and took home the coveted trophy. Rick and his neighborhood of the Western Addition were crowned champions on that evening.

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