Meet Andrew, Los Angeles General Manager

We’ve expanded operations to Los Angeles and Southern California. The region is managed by my long-time friend Andrew Herrold. He joins Joey the Cat Skeeball Rentals after shooting live music events for SPIN magazine, production work for Bunim Murray Productions and volunteering with Team Rubicon. He has also traveled to India, Philippines and Africa for personal photojournalism projects.

On the Skeeball front, Andrew can disassemble, move, and reassemble Skeeball machines with the best of ’em. He’s a Hundo (100pt pocket) roller and loves to impress folks with those high scores. He knows that down-the-middle is a smarter strategy but he’s a maverick when it comes to rolling Skeeball.

All of the events that Andrew runs down in LA will be accompanied with phenomenal photographs. His photos tell the story of how nostalgic Skeeball can help us escape with each classic wooden ball you roll.

Here’s Andrew in action from a recent event in Hollywood:

Andrew Los Angeles Skeeball Rentals General Manager

Shoot Andrew a message or tweet him at @joeythecatLA