Hand-Painted Skeeball Trailer Signage

The Skeeball Trailer has been a passionate and never-ending project. Once I had the machines on the trailer, then I needed to build the structure that protected them from the elements. I partnered with an awning company here in San Francisco and they used my existing canopy structure to create a canvas cover. The canvas cover was the exact same colors as the Skeeball red and yellow. After one year of having the Skeeball trailer covered, I’ve decided to create some branding on the outside…

Since the cover is canvas, I can’t simply put a sticker on the outside since it won’t stick. I needed to find someone that could hand paint on the message that I wanted send. Enter Andy from Gentleman Scholar Designs. We worked together to find the right look and feel for the Skeeball trailer. It needed to be vintage (to the era that Skeeball was most nostalgic) and give passerbys the call-to-action, PLAY SKEEBALL. Here are some of the original sketches.

Skeeball Signage Sketch

Skeeball Signage Sketch 2

Once we had the Sketch decided, we moved on to the scaling and transfer process:

Skeeball transparent papers SKEEBALL transfer paper Photo Dec 01, 2 38 54 PM

Then we started the painting:

CAM01217 CAM01216

Photo Dec 06, 7 53 03 AM New Signs on the Trailer

Now people will know what to do when they see the Skeeball Trailer. PLAY SKEEBALL! 🙂