Skeeball Trailer Travels to the Treasure Island Flea

Skeeball Trailer on the San Francisco BayA month ago, Charlie, from the the Treasure Island Flea emailed me to see if I would bring my Skeeball trailer to their amazing monthly event. At first, I thought there was no way I’d be able to bring my Skeeball trailer across the Bay Bridge because it hadn’t moved from SoMaStrEat Food Park since having the canopy structure and cover installed. I honestly didn’t think the trailer would be drivable over 20 MPH and I was terrified that the machines would be damaged during transport. I obviously forget that following facts:

1. The canopy structure was designed by an architectural engineer (my dad) and installed by an expert awning contractor
2. Skeeball machines are ARCADE GRADE – [there are three grades: consumer grade, military grade and arcade grade]

The weekend before embarking on the journey of transporting the Skeeball machines to Treasure Island, I was fortunate enough to have my friend, Greg, who is an aerospace engineer, inspect the Skeeball Trailer for an aerodynamics survey. He informed me that as long as there weren’t any major areas for air to enter the canopy, the air would be deflected around the trailer. This was a relief but still a significant unknown. He also noted that there’s no way to tell what a safe maximum speed would be.

The time came for us to prepare the trailer for transport to the island. We were armed with duct and masking tape. The goal was to seal off any areas where air could enter the canopy structure.

Sally Pinata Taping Off the Skeeball Trailer Canopy

With the Skeeball trailer taped up and prepared for the adventure to Treasure Island, we hooked up the tow hitch and crossed our fingers.

The Chariot is ready to lead the Skeeball Trailer

There’s no looking back now. We left the safe and comfortable home of the Skeeball Trailer at SoMa StrEat Food Park in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco. Our destination, the Treasure Island Flea Market…No looking back.
Rear view mirror looking back at Skeeball Trailer

Well that’s not true, the main direction I was looking was back. This was mostly because I wanted to make sure my trailer was doing alright in all of the wind and airflow. We snapped these two photos of the trailer in motion. As you can see the speed of the car was pushing against the front of the trailer. For the most part, the air was deflecting around the trailer.

Skeeball trailer traveling in the flow

It’s a miracle, the Skeeball Trailer made it across the west span of the Bay Bridge and arrived at the Treasure Island Flea. SUCCESS!
Skeeball Trailer Arrived at the Flea

The lines started to form around the Skeeball Trailer that was setup on Free Play for the event so maximum Skeeball could be enjoyed by all.

Lines forming at the Skeeball trailer

The adults were reliving their nostalgic Skeeball memories and the younger crowd were making new Skeeball memories. This couple below competed in an epic Skeeball battle. The higher score was crowned victorious and will be remembered as the best Skeeballer in that couple. PS. She won! Couple enjoy a game of Skeeball

The local cable channel, CW44 Channel 12, stopped by for a quick interview and footage shoot with yours truly. I’ve still got their jingle stuck in my head. Joey the Cat interview tithI had to get a couple games in between Flea Marketers playing…

Joey the Cat Rolls Skeeball at the Treasure Island Flea

Skeeball and roller blades, there was never a better combination. It’s also important to stay protected while Skeeballing, helmets recommended!

Roller Blades and Skeeball

After two days of fun Skeeball play at the Treasure Island Flea, it was time to pack it up and head back to SoMa StrEat Food Park. We couldn’t resist capturing this picture of the trailer with the beautiful San Francisco backdrop.

Skeeball Trailer on the San Francisco Bay

It’s time to head back home. Here’s a beautiful shot of the Skeeball Trailer on the Bay Bridge heading back into the city of San Francisco.

Skeeball Trailer on Bay Bridge

The trailer is now back at SoMa StrEat Food Park. It is available for rent both at the Food Truck park OR at your local event. If you want to rent an individual Skeeball machine, I have those as well. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

-Joey the Cat